Monte Nevado Fatty Pig Award

The Monte Nevado Group is a family business based in Carbonero el Mayor (Segovia) and dedicated for four generations to the production of Serrano and Iberian hams. The company sells more than half a million of hams in more than 30 countries, with facilities in Segovia, La Rioja and Salamanca and branches in France, USA and Canada. Specialized in long-term, high-quality fat ham, they are responsible for the recovery of the Mangalica Breed in Hungary, which was in critical danger of extinction in 1990, and currently owned three farms in Hungary that guarantee the maintenance of such breed.

The Monte Nevado Group is a company committed with research. For this reason, it has carried out numerous research and development projects in recent years as well as various publications; among them, an atlas of anatomy of the Serrano ham. Its main objective is to obtain a ham of the highest quality, intervening from the obtaining of the raw material to the different stages of the process, to obtain an extraordinary final product.


To select and award the best original study in applied research on the improvement of pork quality in relation to its suitability to produce high quality cured ham.

In this call, we will consider research focused on favoring the deposition of intramuscular fat, improving the lipid profile of the meat, preventing the appearance of PSD and DFD meats, favoring the reduction of potential proteolytic treatment of meat that favors suitable textures, and any other contribution that is susceptible to improve the sensorial evaluation of the final product.

Required documentation

Contact details of the applicants: names and surnames, postal address, telephone and email.

PDF of the manuscript may be send to

Affidavit of authorship and declaration of rights on research or work submitted.

Instructions for manuscripts:

The text will be written in English and formatted in double space, avoiding the excess of tabulations, sizes and types of fonts, underlines, spaces, etc., with the same rules for graphics and tables.

The works will be structured in the following order: Introduction, Objectives, Material and methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, and Bibliography. They must also contain a summary of no more than three hundred words and a maximum of five keywords.

The maximum extension for the works is 5000 words, including bibliographical references. The first page will contain only the title of the work and the chosen pseudonym, if applicable.

Bibliographical references should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are first cited in the text, identified by Arabic numbers into parentheses. Personal references, or other unpublished observations, will be avoided.

In the References section, the bibliographical references will be indicated by quoting in the order used and following the system of abbreviations used in the Index Medicus.


  • 1st prize: € 2,000, a Mangalica Monte Nevado ham and a commemorative figure of the First Prize.
  • 2nd Prize: Mangalica Monte Nevado ham and a commemorative figure of the Second Prize.
  • 3rd prize: 24 months-old Monte Nevado Serrano ham and a commemorative figure of the Third Prize.

The works of the finalists will be published in the Congress of Fatty Pig. The winner of 1st prize agrees to present the work in the corresponding Fatty Pig Conference 2017; with this purpose, trip and stay during the celebration of the event will also be paid by Monte Nevado.


30 September of 2017, only the originals received until that date will be accepted.

Communication of awarded manuscripts

The decision will be notified to all participants of this call.

General rules

1.- Acceptance of the call

The mere fact of participating in this call entails, on the part of the contestants, the acceptance of the present rules and the resign to take any legal claim. Any doubts about the interpretation of the rules will be consulted to the Organizing Committee and communicated in writing to the applicants.

2.- Claims

No claims will be accepted against award failure.

3.- Protection of personal data

The data, which voluntarily provide, will be incorporated into a file whose responsible is the Organizing Committee, being in any case of application the Law of Protection of Personal Data and current regulations concordant.

4.- The participants exempt the Organizing Committee from any liability arising from any transgression of the current legislation in which it could incur the same regarding the performance and development of the selected work.

5.- The legislation applicable to this document is Spanish and the parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the Tribunals of Segovia capital, waiving any jurisdiction that may correspond to them.